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We specialize in Masonry, Hardscapes and Concrete! Over 20 years experience!
Set In Stone
Set In Stone added 4 new photos — in Cornelius, North Carolina.17 hours ago

Shown are two projects, both of which are Belgard "Cambridge Cobble" style pavers in a herringbone and "t" pattern. Start calling as we are currently booking up well into the spring!

Set In Stone
Set In Stone2 weeks ago

Set In Stone is very proud to announce that we will be opening up another company branch called "Set In Stone Conrete Pouring" specializing in all your concrete needs! The targeted opening date is set for April 1st 2017!

Joanne Moore Trickett Congratulations
Darryl Roland Great news
Bob Kirsch Outstanding!
Mandi Boehm Oh my goodness!!!! We need to talk! 😉
Set In Stone
Set In Stone added 5 new photos — in Charlotte, North Carolina.2 weeks ago

A beautiful custom brick outdoor fireplace built by Set In Stone!!!

Set In Stone
Set In Stone added 5 new photos — in Davidson, North Carolina.1 month ago

Projects made by Set In Stone from the past month! From an indoor 1/4 height fireplace, outdoor firepit, front stone porch, brick walkway and a chimney extension!!

Set In Stone
Set In Stone added 2 new photos — in Concord, North Carolina.2 months ago

This natural area was created by Set In Stone using natural stone boulders, Alabama decorative pea gravel and a Belgard fire pit! Perfect for casual entertainment!!

Set In Stone
Set In Stone added 4 new photos — with Bill Callahan and John Andrews Fregosi in China Grove, North Carolina.2 months ago

A few pictures of two completed patios and a jobsite video with the men in action!

Set In Stone
Set In Stone3 months ago

Merry Christmas from Set In Stone!!!

Diondre Clarke
StaceyAnne Hartberger So pretty
Set In Stone
Set In Stone added 4 new photos — in Davidson, North Carolina.4 months ago

A transformed patio by "Set In Stone"! Old concrete removed, walls altered and still kept within the tradition of Davidson!! Using brick expantions and concrete in between made it another beautifully constructed project!!!

Set In Stone
Set In Stone4 months ago

A live video pouring a concrete driveway in Concord! Only the best concrete crew around!! Set In Stone!!!

Sara E d'Alvarenga Apostol Adrian Ordoñez el siguiente proyecto para un estacionamiento decente para CCElohim☝👍
Robert Blaine Huffman These guys are pretty good ey! Check this out Harold Huffman
Harold Huffman Looks like some good interesting work.
Set In Stone
Set In Stone added 6 new photos.5 months ago

A 21 cubic yard patio concrete pour in Salisbury with a diamond saw cut pattern design and coloring! Additionally, a driveway with the front porch all done by "Set In Stone"!!

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